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Company & Organisation Information

As currently configured the prototype database is set up to accomodate a single parent Company (or other administrative Organisation), from which all the data in the database will derive. As data is added to the database then, the Company or Organisation will have one or more Premises, one or more E-Risk Assessments, and one or more Exposure Surveys, as required.

Company/Organisation level data consists of a few basic details on the company and is simple to enter and edit.

Whilst entering data, if it is decided that the entry or changes are to be abandoned, hitting the esc key will undo any unsaved changes made up to that point.

The layout of the Company screen is shown in the screenshot below. In the test database this screen will have some data for a fictitious company already entered. You should replace this dummy data by overwriting it with your own details. Data that you enter will be saved when you close the form.

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