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Processes in Premises

From the Premises screen Processes be added for the Premises by clicking on the blue Process button.

Note that In the CEMAS database Process means a distinct and recognisable set of operations/tasks that are carried out in the production of goods, products or services.

The following screen is used to manage Processes within the Premises:


The screen will open at the first of the Processes for the current Premises.

The standard toolbar at the bottom of the screen can be used to move through the existing records, or to add or delete Process records. In addition, the drop-down selector at the top of the screen can be used to locate and move to specific existing Process records.

The basic information about the Process can then be entered at the top of the screen.

Processes are composed of a set of tasks, and these can be entered in the table at the bottom of the Process screen. Note that there is an existing Task List from which items can be chosen, using the drop-down list. This is based upon tasks used for UK COSHH Essentials, supplemented as required for use in CEMAS. The task list itself can be edited or supplemented by clicking on “Add a new item to Premises Task List”.  This screen also allows the editing of the current task list, and any new tasks added are then available for use by all Processes for the Premises.

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